Naked Goat Soap Co. is a raw goat milk soap company that crafts handmade goat milk soap, soy candles, facial care, lip care and body care products.

the strategy

We strategically designed Naked Goat’s brand to have a luxurious, spa
like feel.

Using muted, peaceful colors and a minimalist typography selection we developed a relaxing vibe to their brand. Our hand-drawn alfalfa stole the show, paired with a hand-written script font to make the brand feel more relatable. Looking closely at the alfalfa, you will see the meaning behind it. Alfalfa, being the grass that goats consume - furthering the connection with the audience of the local herds' milk being used. All the way to the 5 leaves on the stem, one for each of the family members involved in this loving family business. 

create a brand that is refreshing and calming while telling heather's unique story + establish consistency within her packaging.

our goals:

brand design
packaging design

our project:

"Since working with Emily, our products have been picked up by a major retailer, our look has stayed consistent, and I can focus on production (the part I love). We have been awarded best branding at several markets and have seen a steady increase in sales over the years."

kind words from heather

"It took years to develop our product line however, our branding and packaging did not reflect our business. It did not tell our story, nor did it highlight the beautiful products we create. Emily took our brand from inconsistent to retail ready with elevated packaging design that attracts our dream market and is easily recognizable in a retail setting. She cares for our company as if it were her own - she truly is part of our team."

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Photography by: Hannah Lozano