With Love & Embers is a wedding photography and education company that specializes photographing the wildest romantics.

the strategy


The WL+E logo is centered around the idea of being whimsical and effortless but with a refined, genuine feeling. Pulling inspiration from their passion for capturing images with heart and soul, this concept embodies a sense of intimacy and adventure. With the handwritten, authentic typography and the whimsical brand illustrations we have created a sense of adventure and spirit within your brand. Then we pulled in classic, sharp sans serif typography to provide balance and refinement - creating a well rounded, timeless look that will attract the wildest of romantics.

create a brand that Is filled with heart + soul, attracting couples who desire nothing more than an intimate day to celebrate their love

our goals:

brand design

our project:

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Photography by: With Love + Embers
Illustration collaboration with: Natasha Vanderburg