I am Emily the brand strategist + creative director behind Amavi Studio. I started Amavi Studio after letting the real world rip away my passion for life. I knew that there was more to life than working + paying bills so, I took a leap of faith, moved to China and launched my dream business.

Over the years, I have helped over 60 small business owners define their target audience and build a strategic brand to start pulling in those dreamy clients they always wished for. With simplicity and minimalism in mind, I use design to help people push their boundaries, develop their business identities and craft their authentic brand.

 If you don’t find me behind the computer, you will probably see me scoping out some local thrift shops, bouncing around from city to city and enjoying the slow days with my hubby, Terrell. I truly believe that there is more to life than just stuff and I try my best to live a minimalist lifestyle to leave room for adventure, spontaneity and love in my life.

After all, that is where Amavi comes from. I have loved; the most authentic saying of my whole life.

hello There!

Branding is much more than just putting together beautiful colors + patterns and calling it a logo. Your brand is a storybook about your business, communicating to the world your personality, standards, and priorities before they even talk to you.

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