Becalia Botanicals Today we want to celebrate one of our recent branding clients, Becalia Botanicals. Becalia Botanicals is a skincare + beauty product based company that specializes in natural, luxe skincare products. When we first met Jazmin, the owner of Becalia, we immediately felt the passion and drive that she had for her business and […]

Finding your brand voice can seem like a task that is very overwhelming. We are here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be! Truly – it just takes a little time + effort to really nail down your brand voice and start effectively talking to your audience. We have broken the task of finding […]

If you are like the majority of people out there – you may be thinking, “what the heck does brand voice actually mean?” I totally understand where you are coming from – when you think of branding you think of the visuals. You know, the logo, submark, colors, etc. But the truth is, your brand […]

Using your brand to show personality Last, but certainly not least in our series of how investing in brand design can add value to your business is brand personality. ⠀⠀ Think about the last purchase you made that you really got excited about? I mean excited enough to show it off on Instagram to all […]

Add value to your business by defining you communication standards How are you communicating to your audience? When I ask you this question, I don’t just mean what platform are you physically communicating with them on. I am talking about what words, emotions and values are you communicating to your audience on a consistent basis? […]

Today, let’s address a huge topic when it comes to brand value: target audiences + engagement.   How The Brand Process Can Help Define Your Target Audience To start, think about your own brand for a minute. When you post on social media are you trying to reach every single person on every platform or […]

As we continue on our series about how investing in branding can add value to your business, we will move on to talking about one of my favorite things: pricing! I know that pricing can be a weird subject for many business owners. You never know if you are pricing yourself to low or too […]

How does investing in branding truly add value to your business? We understand that branding is a big investment for your business and many people will tell you that it is a great investment to make, but why? Let’s break down exactly how investing in branding can bring value and ROI to your business. Since […]

How to Use Emotional Branding for your Small Business When we are thinking about relevant brands in todays’ society, I can almost guarantee that they are using emotional branding to create a loyal customer base. Emotional branding is everywhere in our ads, but 9 times out of 10 we just don’t realize it. With every […]

Today is the day we have been waiting for! Today, is the day we get to launch our new brand + website. This rebrand was brought upon us after reflecting over our 3 years in business and deciding to refine our service offerings and what our brand stands for.     Looking back on our […]











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