As we continue on our series about how investing in branding can add value to your business, we will move on to talking about one of my favorite things: pricing! I know that pricing can be a weird subject for many business owners. You never know if you are pricing yourself to low or too […]

How does investing in branding truly add value to your business? We understand that branding is a big investment for your business and many people will tell you that it is a great investment to make, but why? Let’s break down exactly how investing in branding can bring value and ROI to your business. Since […]

During the beginning phases of our work with clients, we spend a good amount of time asking them questions to get an in-depth look at their business. Over the next few weeks I am going to go over some of the questions we ask + the importance of them. First, let’s start with a question […]

  Today, let’s talk about something that I am pretty uncomfortable talking about. Being a self-taught graphic designer. I know so MANY designers out there that are self-taught and I would have never guessed it because you all rock. But when it comes to myself, I let this ‘imposter’s syndrome’ kick in + tell me […]

  I am thrilled to be showing off this amazing transformation! I had been following Bucci’s Bridal on social media for some time + decided that I should reach out to chat. Melissa explained to me that she had previously not had luck with designers and was a little hesitant to invest again (rightfully so!!). […]

When working with small business owners, one of my main passions is educating them about branding. Many people will refer and think of branding as simply “just a logo”. But in all reality, brand + branding is so much deeper than just a logo mark. It is the heart and soul of your business, every […]











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