NUMBER ONE TERRELL Wow, what a year this has been. So many adventures have been taken + so many memories have been made. Out of the entire year, my favorite thing to come from this year abroad is: Terrell.  By that I mean this year has done some amazing things for us. It has […]

  Photo by: Sophie Rae Photo NUMBER TWO: AMAVI STUDIO We are down to TWO days left, which means top ten-countdown number two! My second favorite memory and thing to come from this year abroad is Amavi Studio. To many you might think that Amavi Studio is just something for me to do to pass […]

  NUMBER THREE: CANYONEERING + JUMPING OFF WATERFALLS IN CEBU Well we are growing close to the end of our year abroad, only 3 days remain for us living in China. Which leads us to the third best memory we have from this year. Canyoneering. Many of you might not be aware of what canyoneering […]

  NUMBER FOUR: HIKING THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA From the day we landed in China, hiking the Great Wall of China was on our list. It is pretty much a ‘must do’ while living in China and we knew that we couldn’t leave without making it happen. Beijing is a decent trip away from […]

  NUMBER FIVE: RIDING SCOOTERS ALONG THE HISTORIC HAI VAN PASS Throwing it way back today to our first trip while being abroad… the beautiful ancient city of Hoi An, Vietnam. Hoi An is an quaint, little town along the coast of Vietnam. It is known for its historic port that played a huge role […]

  NUMBER SIX: EATING OUR WAY THROUGH TOKYO Well, it is official. We now have less than one week left of living in China. It is really crazy all the emotions I am feeling and thoughts that are going through my head. I am trying to not let the stress of work, packing + the […]

  NUMBER SEVEN: SWIMMING WITH WHALE SHARKS IN OSLOB How many times in your life do you have the opportunity to swim with sharks?! I mean, this top memory needs very little description to why it was beyond amazing… but I am happy to share.  While Terrell and I were planning our first trip to the […]

  NUMBER EIGHT: Island Hopping Through El Nido El Nido is a remarkable little beach town located at the tip of Palawan, Philippines. After my first trip to the Philippines, I had such an amazing time I knew it couldn’t be my last. So when the opportunity arose to plan a trip with my mom […]

NUMBER NINE: Watching the sunset off the highest peak in Moalboal Our ninth favorite memory is from our favorite trip to the Philippines. Even though this trip started out very rough with missing our flight and then crashing a scooter (definitely Terrell’s fault!!), it turned out to be our favorite from the whole year!  Everyone […]

Well, it is official. Terrell and I have only ten days left of living abroad. I mean, seriously, where did the time go?! One year ago, I remember making the decision to move to China… and it feels like just yesterday. I remember worrying about all of the unknown, packing our bags, putting everything in […]











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