Becalia Botanicals is a skincare + beauty product based company that specializes in natural, luxe skincare products.

the strategy


Becalia Botanicals logo is centered around the idea of being refined, but yet soft allowing your audience to feel understood and empowered. Pulling inspiration from the earth, this concept shows movement. This movement represents not only the empowerment of your customers, but also the change and progress that we are pushing for in the beauty industry. By showing this movement, we are taking a stand and putting our values out into the world for our audience to see the passion we have for the ingredients we use + the industry.

The icon that was designed is inspired by the Latin American heritage of BB’s founder, Jazmin. This pattern was pulled from Latin American tapestry after being inspired by the ‘reflection’ of it. We believe that the top of the icon represents radiance and strength, while the bottom represents reflection and growth. All of these characteristics critical in our self love + life, while also being values of the brand. Taking a closer look at the icon you will see imperfect lines + textures, just like our real life - perfectly imperfect. Throughout the brand, you will see various textures, imagery and uses of the brand elements. All of these are designed to further the refined, but inspired brand look and feel.

create a brand that is empowering and reflects the authenticity behind the founder, jazmin.

our goals:

brand design
packaging design

our project: