5 Easy Steps to Find Your Brand Voice

Finding your brand voice can seem like a task that is very overwhelming. We are here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be! Truly – it just takes a little time + effort to really nail down your brand voice and start effectively talking to your audience. We have broken the task of finding your brand voice down to 5 easy, dare I say fun, steps.

So, let’s not waste anymore time!


Step One:

Start With Your Brand Values

Before we get started looking at your voice, we need to sit down and consider your brand values. You know, the items that define who you really are + what you care about. If you are just getting started with your business you might want to dig into your brand mission and vision statement, otherwise let’s really focus in on your values. As we spoke about on our previous post, your brand values are seen as the core purpose of your business.

Ask yourself:

  • What do you want to be known for?
  • What do you want to tell the world?
  • How do you do things differently than your competitors?
  • What behaviors do you value:
    • honesty
    • friendliness
    • helpfulness
    • transparency
    • social awareness


We know it is always easier to get started when you have an example of what to do. So to help you along, we have provided our studio’s answers as an example throughout this post.

Amavi Studio’s Brand Values: 

  • Community
  • Social Responsibility
  • Simplicity
  • Authenticity


Step Two:

Consider Your Words + Tone

The way you speak to your audience matters. The words you are using to communicate with your audience and the tone you deliver them in makes a difference in how your audience perceives you. Think about a brand you value – let’s say Apple. They value simplicity and being easy to use. What if they put out an ad with an in-depth summary of all the computer parts + how it would benefit you. You would probably be confused because this is so far off for their simplistic brand voice. That is how your audience feels when you start talking about something that has nothing to do with your business. They are confused.

So, let’s consider developing a list of brand words that you can use as a reference to develop consistency.

Think about:

  • What are 3 words to describe your brand?
  • Now, let’s define those words further: Brainstorm adjectives that describe those 3 words and start creating a list of those terms. Don’t forget to think about the delivery of those words as well. Are you a snarky brand, understanding, helpful? What tone do you want to deliver those words in?
  • Compare the words: How does this list compare to the words you are already using consistently with your audience?
  • Create a master list of the words that will build a connection and understanding between you + your audience.


Amavi Studio:

  • Supportive
    • Helpful, Encouraging, Energetic
  • Authentic
    • Transparent, Honest, Real, Genuine
  • Passionate
    • Enthusiastic, Heartfelt, Spirited
  • Our Tone: Helpful, Encouraging, Real, Inspired

Step Three:

Create a Brand Voice Chart

Now that we have defined our values + created a master list of the brand words we want to focus on, let’s make it applicable to our business. It is time to create your brand word cheatsheet. This cheatsheet will contain:

  • A list of the brand words you DO want to use
  • A description of how those brand words relate to your business
  • A short do/don’t section for easy reminders

Check out our example:

Step Four:

Incorporate Your Personality

As we talk about a lot around here, showcasing your personality can be so beneficial for a small business. When people support small businesses they want to see the face and personality behind that product or service. It makes you relatable and memorable to your audience! So, as one of our last steps, I want you to brainstorm actionable ways you can incorporate your personality into your brand voice. Think about:

  • What brand words can you turn into an action?
  • How can you further talk about your brand values throughout your brand?

Our Example:

  • Supportive:
    • Attend local vendor fairs
    • Connect and offer support to other business owners
    • Offer free, useful brand tips on Insta stories

Step Five:

Put It Into Action

Lastly, let’s get your brand voice put into action! I want you to write down 3 easy steps that you can enhance your brand voice this week. These don’t have to be in-depth, life changing tasks… I want them to be something you can easily implement.

  • Can you update your Instagram bio to incorporate more of you brand words?
  • Do you adjust how you are delivering you captions on social media?
  • Can you show more personality in your blog posts?


Each business is going to have different action steps to incorporating their brand voice, but I challenge you to make it happen! Take a step today to better your business long term. Your future self with thank you!




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    This was so incredibly helpful! Thank you <3

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