How Branding Can Add Value to Your Business: By Defining your target audience

Today, let’s address a huge topic when it comes to brand value: target audiences + engagement.


How The Brand Process Can Help

Define Your Target Audience

To start, think about your own brand for a minute. When you post on social media are you trying to reach every single person on every platform or do you know who your target audience is + how to engage with them?

Every brand is different and we all have our ‘dream clients’ that we want to book or sell to, but the question is where are they hanging out? Are they on twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook? What design aesthetic will catch their eye? Is your audience the type of person who shops local or more a Target type of girl?

These are all items that your designer should cover when they are taking you through the brand design process. A good brand should be strategically designed to catch your audience’s eye. Something that resonates with them and allows you the opportunity to engage. I know people say you should judge a book by it’s cover, but honestly your first impression is everything to your business. Does your brand have what it takes to stop your customers from mindlessly scrolling on Instagram? Or will they pass you by?


After you craft a brand around bringing in the right audience, it makes your engagement a little easier. The more often you engage with your target audience and the more positive experience you have with them, the better chances you have to sell to them. Some of the best brands have developed such a positive engagement history with their audience their clients become advocates for their brand.

Food for thought: Does your brand look + content appeal to your dream client? If your client was walking down the grocery isle and saw your product, would they stop to look deeper? If your dream client has a luxury price point but your brand is pieced together in powerpoint, you may think about investing in a look that is targeted towards pulling in those dream clients of yours.


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