Emotional Branding

How to Use Emotional Branding for your Small Business

When we are thinking about relevant brands in todays’ society, I can almost guarantee that they are using emotional branding to create a loyal customer base. Emotional branding is everywhere in our ads, but 9 times out of 10 we just don’t realize it. With every major brand, they have a strategy to ‘make’ you feel a certain way while interacting with them.

Apple = simplicity, clean design and a lifestyle

Nike = inspiring, empowering, ‘Just do it’

Subaru = Family, love, lasting

So the million-dollar question is: How does your audience feel when they are interacting with your brand? And does it match how you want/need them to feel to create a loyal customer base? Let’s dive deeper.


How does your audience feel when interacting with your brand?


When it comes down to it, consumers do not care so much about who or what the brand is… they simply care about how the brand makes them feel. If we want to continue to be successful in our lane, we have to address the question of how our audience feels when they interact with us and use our products/services.


How to know what your audience feels?


I suggest that you ask them! Take a moment to sit down and think of some questions that are relevant to your brand and then simple ask them! Poll your Instagram audience. Ask some close friends. Send out a questionnaire and offer a little discount to those who reply.

Ask questions like: Do your posts make them feel confident where they are or inspired to change? Is your messaging encouraging or more to the point? Do they relate your brand to specific products/services? Etc.


How do you want your audience to actually feel?


When used correctly, emotions can be integrated into your brand to bring about positive results. The way to get started integrating emotions into your brand is through developing your brand personality and values. You must think about the overall interaction with your audience and how their emotions will play a role in their purchasing habits.

Emotions can trigger all sorts of purchasing habits without the consumer even realizing it is happening. Does your brand evoke a sense of love and speaks to the emotional side of your audience – hint wedding photographers, this might be you! Or maybe does your brand have a sense of guilt to it: are you not spending enough time on self care, letting yourself get caught up in the weeds of daily life -beauty products, self care products, spas, luxury items, etc. – this could be you!

Using emotions, whether negative or positive, is a great way to get the attention of your target audience. And whether we realize it or not, every successful brand implements this strategy into the marketing efforts.

There are plenty of emotions that you can strategically dive into with your brand, but to get your thoughts going think about the following…

Do you want your audience to feel:

  • Competition (keeping up with the Joneses)
  • Desire to be cool or trendy
  • Fear of being left behind, missing out or not fitting in
  • Security, peace of mind, no worries


When you tap into the right emotions, understand your clients pain points and know how to speak to those pain points with a solution in mind, that is when you attract a loyal audience and become a brand on a mission.


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