Looking Into 2019

Today is the day we have been waiting for! Today, is the day we get to launch our new brand + website. This rebrand was brought upon us after reflecting over our 3 years in business and deciding to refine our service offerings and what our brand stands for.



Looking back on our previous years of business I feel very grateful. Grateful for the opportunities to work with various clients + couples, grateful for lessons learned, for hard times and especially grateful for being able to support myself living a life I truly love. But with every good reflecting session, comes change.


This change was not a hard one for us to make because we knew where our passion + heart stood. We have made the decision moving forward to no longer offer wedding stationery services and focus solely on providing brand + website design for small businesses. Here is what you can expect from Amavi Studio moving forward.


Strategic Design:


We want to work with businesses who desire to build a brand that is unique and that will benefit them long term. Our true passion lies with helping other businesses grow to reach their potential and feel fulfilled. Seeing clients feel at peace with their look and brand values is what brings our studio so much joy.



Limited Availability:


Moving forward we will be opening up limited booking spots each month. We strive to provide each and every client with the attention they deserve to develop a brand that will be meaningful and beneficial to their business. The only way we can make this happen is by limiting our availability, after all I cannot add anymore time to our day!


Social Responsibility:


We truly believe that every single person can make a difference in our world. Whether that is with the way they live or just simply being kind to one another. This has always been a value of ours personally, but we are extending this into our business + will be sharing more of that here. You can expect to see more posts about minimal living, supporting small businesses, natural wellness + ways to help our world.


We are so excited about these changes that are taking place and it gives us so much energy moving into the new year. Ultimately we wouldn’t be here without your love + support, so from the bottom of our hearts – thank you. We appreciate you supporting our small business and allowing us to live a joyful life.



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