Brand vs Branding

When working with small business owners, one of my main passions is educating them about branding. Many people will refer and think of branding as simply “just a logo”. But in all reality, brand + branding is so much deeper than just a logo mark. It is the heart and soul of your business, every interaction your client/customer has with you and sets you apart from your competitors.

So, let’s talk about it… why is a brand and branding so much more than just a logo? To start this topic we should discuss the elephant in the room… brand vs branding. I prefer to keep this topic short and simple.


Your brand is how customers and clients perceive you. It entails everything from your customer service, the way people feel when they see your company on social media, how your products make them feel… everything. I believe that your overall brand is subjective and emotional depending on who you are talking to and what interactions they have had with you.

Now branding on the other hand is the process of defining what you want people to think + feel, and telling YOUR story. This does NOT just include your logo, branding kit, social media branding, etc., it includes everything from who you are, what story you want your clients to know + how you portray that. It is the strategy behind your brand and I believe a major part in this strategy is your story. Your story is what makes your company authentic and unique to your clients and allows people to connect with you. Obviously, as a branding studio we believe that a strong branding strategy has a well-designed brand kit… but we also understand that a brand kit is not going to make a good brand or product.

Lastly, a logo is a mark, symbol, emblem or stylized name that is used to identify your company or product.


You might still be asking, “why can’t you just design a logo?”

A logo is just a PART of the overall brand. When we are start the creative process of branding with a client our first step is client homework with our in-depth branding questionnaire. This entails the client sitting down and thinking about their branding strategy, who their target audience is, how they reach them, where they hang out + how they want to be perceived from their clients. We want to know their story, what makes them unique and different from their competitors so we can create a brand that is authentic to their story.

We take pride in not following the trends to create a brand, but digging deep into the story and authenticity of our clients to create something that will last. Our branding has lots of research, soul searching + strategy behind each and every logo and we truly believe that is the best way to do it.

Why decorate the house before you know the floor plan? Investing in ‘just a logo’ before really defining your audience + brand is the same concept! You might waste a few hundred to have some design a trendy logo that may look great, but what are the chances that logo will fit your brand, tell your story and pull in those dreamy, loyal clients for the next 5 years? It is pretty unlikely! When you invest in our branding, not only will you walk away knowing who your audience is, how you should talk to them but also a thoughtfully crafted brand that will stand the test of time.



Still have questions about your brand or need help with your branding strategy? Please reach out + ask! We love starting this discussion with small businesses and helping you develop your unique strategy.




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