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Top Ten Countdown: Number Three

Feb 24, 2017




Well we are growing close to the end of our year abroad, only 3 days remain for us living in China. Which leads us to the third best memory we have from this year. Canyoneering.

Many of you might not be aware of what canyoneering is, I don’t think I was until we started our research. But it is hike/swim/cliff jumping activity that you can do while in Cebu, Philippines. As soon as we came across the opportunity, we knew we wanted to go and pretty much planned our whole trip around it.

To start the canyoneering process you jump on a motorcycle and a guide takes you to the opening of a hill where you will start the hike up the canyon. Once you reach the top, which was a decent hike actually, you can immerse yourself in the cold, fresh water from the streams and prepare for the best 5 hours of your life to begin.

Once we officially began the decent down the canyon through the stream, we knew that it was going to be a day that pushed us mentally and physically. Not only were there a lot of steep rocks to climb, but also a TON of extremely tall cliffs to jump off of. For me, I knew this would be a challenge. I am not a huge fan of heights, I get that from my mama, but I wanted to push myself to not be afraid to jump.

The first jump was only about 15 feet, which was a good icebreaker to get us started. From their we hit 5 for cliffs, all that gradually got taller and taller, until we came up to the end cliff… a 60 foot tall waterfall that ran off into the bluest water I have ever seen. Throughout the day I had become more brave and actually made this jump BEFORE Terrell and didn’t even hesitate.

I will never forget those blue falls, the adrenaline you got standing at the end of the waterfall about to jump and the amazing moment I spent floating hand in hand with Terrell through the fresh water streams. This experience definitely goes down as one of the best memories of my entire life.




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