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Top Ten Countdown: Number Four

Feb 23, 2017




From the day we landed in China, hiking the Great Wall of China was on our list. It is pretty much a ‘must do’ while living in China and we knew that we couldn’t leave without making it happen. Beijing is a decent trip away from our city, about a 15-hour drive, but luckily the fast train makes it only a 5-hour train ride.

One Monday after work Terrell came home saying that he didn’t have work for the rest of the week and had the crazy idea that we head to Beijing that evening. Before I knew it our bags were packed and we were heading to the train station to catch our train. It was such a spur of the moment decision, but definitely one of our best.

The day after arriving in Beijing we headed to the Great Wall. I knew from research that it was best to go to the isolated area of the Wall to get the best experience, so we jumped on a bus and took the 90-minute ride. Shortly after arriving we knew we made the right decision. It felt like we had the entire wall to ourselves!!

The whole hike itself took about 5 hours, (with getting lost a few times trying to take a trail that didn’t exist) but it was worth every single step. It was a memory that we will NEVER forget.




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