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Top Ten Countdown: Number Six

Feb 21, 2017




Well, it is official. We now have less than one week left of living in China. It is really crazy all the emotions I am feeling and thoughts that are going through my head. I am trying to not let the stress of work, packing + the unknown get to me, but it is definitely challenging. After our back packing in Thailand and Indonesia, we will return back to the states to get settled, but we still aren’t sure of where yet! So that has definitely been on my mind lately, along with the planning of our {amazing} trip coming up! But nevertheless, I am trying to take in all the last moments of China + get my fill of beef noodle soup before we take off next Monday. 

Anyways, back to the countdown.

Number Six: Tokyo. I know what you are thinking… Tokyo is a city, how can it be an entire memory?! But to be honest while planning our trip to Tokyo, I didn’t expect much. Maybe because I was used to planning breathtaking beach vacations, but for some reason I really under estimated Tokyo. 

Turns out, IT IS AMAZING! The food, the people, the city itself… it’s all top of the line. While walking through the city we never were bumped by other walkers, didn’t see ANY litter and everyone was courteous + nice (which is definitely a change from walking the streets of China). Not to say that Chinese people aren’t nice, it is just a different vibe walking down the streets of China than it is Japan. 

With all of that being said, the food in Tokyo was literally the best food we had throughout our entire year trip. The freshest sushi, the most amazing chicken + cabbage salad from a Michelin star restaurant, famous Japanese ramen bowls, street crepes… I could probably go on for days honestly. Even though we only spent four days in Tokyo, I feel that we definitely ate our way through the city and I don’t regret it one bit! 

My favorite food memory from the whole trip was going to a sushi restaurant that delivered your food via conveyer belt! It was so fun to order from the tablet at your table and then *wham*, your food arrives in front of you! The sushi was hands down the best sushi we have ever had. The pairings were perfect, the tuna melted in your mouth + we were in heaven. 

If I had the opportunity, I would go back to Tokyo in a heartbeat! So I urge you all, GO TO TOKYO. You will not regret it! In the meantime though, feel free to check out our yummy food memories from our trip. 




  1. Debra T

    February 22nd, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Amazing! Love the pictures! ❤

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