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Top Ten Countdown: Number Seven

Feb 20, 2017




How many times in your life do you have the opportunity to swim with sharks?! I mean, this top memory needs very little description to why it was beyond amazing… but I am happy to share. 

While Terrell and I were planning our first trip to the Philippines we knew for a fact that swimming with the sharks was on our list. We started our trip on the island of Bohol and made our way to the neighboring island of Cebu, with the first stop being in Oslob. 

Oslob has one attraction and one attraction only. Swimming with the whale sharks. Once we arrived at the destination, we hoped on a boat and made our way off the shore about 100 feet. As soon as we came to a stop, we looked down into the water only to see a 30-foot (or longer) whale shark swimming directly under our boat. That’s when I heard the guide yell “jump in!”. 

My first reaction was to think ‘absolutely not! Did you see the size of that thing?!” But then I remembered that we only had 30 minutes to swim and I knew I couldn’t back out. So, slowly we inched our way into the water and before we knew it more than 10 whale sharks were all around us. 

Even though the sharks were ginormous (seriously, look for yourself), it didn’t take us long to feel comfortable in the water with the gentle giants. We spent the rest of the day chasing waterfalls and sandbars. This was a day we will definitely never forget! 

PS- just for a size reference, Terrell is 6 feet, 7 inches… so NOW look how big they are!




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