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Top Ten Countdown: Number Eight

Feb 19, 2017



Island Hopping Through El Nido

El Nido is a remarkable little beach town located at the tip of Palawan, Philippines. After my first trip to the Philippines, I had such an amazing time I knew it couldn’t be my last. So when the opportunity arose to plan a trip with my mom and two sisters, I jumped on the idea of packing our bags and heading to El Nido. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled with that decision (and I think my family would say the same!). El Nido itself is a beautiful little town that is filled with charming little shops, delectable restaurants and breathtaking views. This area of Palawan is known for their amazing island hopping tours and they did not disappoint. 

When we first arrived in the city, we headed the first day to a tour shop only to find out that the Coast Guard, due to rough waters, had canceled all water activities for the whole day. We were SO disappointed, but luckily we still had a few days in the city to catch a tour another day. So we spent our day lounging at the beach and enjoying line island zip line! 

 Here is a picture of my sisters zip lining. I forgot to turn on my Go Pro, rookie mistake! 

Here is a picture of my sisters zip lining. I forgot to turn on my Go Pro, rookie mistake! 

The next morning, we woke up bright and early only to hear the bad news once again of all tours being cancelled! I mean, what is the chances of that?! We were supposed to leave El Nido the next day, but after moving some items around we took a risk and stayed another day praying they would reopen. Luckily the next day was calm and we were able to explore the beautiful El Nido islands, filled with big lagoons, secret caves and white sandy beaches. 

For the views + incredible memories with my family, El Nido makes the list for my top ten memories while living in China. 




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