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Top Ten Countdown: Number 9

Feb 18, 2017


Watching the sunset off the highest peak in Moalboal

Our ninth favorite memory is from our favorite trip to the Philippines. Even though this trip started out very rough with missing our flight and then crashing a scooter (definitely Terrell’s fault!!), it turned out to be our favorite from the whole year! 

Everyone who has traveled through Asia can comment on the breath taking sunsets that occur in this part of the world. Even through our trips, we have encountered so many amazing sunsets but I have to say… this sunset is still my favorite. 

Our adventure through Cebu had us ending the trip in Moalboal. While in Moalboal, we went through a local tour company to show us around to all the wonders that the island had to offer. Our last day was spent jumping off cliffs and then at sunset we made our way up to the highest peak of the island and watched the sunset over the ocean. 

Even though we got lost a few time (and really motion sick from the crazy roads), we made it just in time to witness the sky turn into the most beautiful pink, purple and orange I have ever seen. It was a short hike up the peak, so we were able to sit and take in the picturesque scenery and reminisce on our perfect trip. 

Take a look for yourself: 



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