5 Ways to be Happier as a Solopreneur





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I know, I know… you are a total boss babe (or boss man), but I think there is one thing we can agree on. Being a solopreneur is not always the easiest task. Sometimes we just have those days, you know, the ones that are just a little more blahhh than the rest. The days that we seem to accomplish nothing, but are so exhausted and run down at the end that we just want to curl up on the couch and binge on some Netflix.

I am glad we can all admit we have those days, but how can we avoid those days? This is something that I have really been struggling with while I am living in China. Normally when I have a blah day I would call up some friends and meet up for some apps or coffee and just chat. But living in China makes that a lot more difficult, as you can imagine. So I have been trying my best to consciously avoid those days as much as possible, and here’s how.


5 Tips on How To Be Happier As A Solopreneur:

Tip One:

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

We are all guilty of this. We are just casually scrolling through Instagram when we come across an awesome company. One click turns into stocking their page back to the beginning and then leaves you feeling frustrated with where your company stands. We see the amazing clients they have worked with and their awesome work and then the ugly, ugly feeling of jealously comes upon us.

So lets just stop right there! Yes, it’s great to look and support other companies, but why do we feel the need to compare ourselves to them? We really don’t know anything about them or their story in most of the cases, so for us to get jealous of their progress is kind of silly. I mean yes, they have 100k followers, but how do you know they didn’t buy those followers?! We don’t! And that’s the crazy thing, we will never know.

I know it is easy to say “don’t compare yourself” but when caught up in the moment, what are you supposed to do to stop it? Something I have been trying lately is as simple as this… make a wish list. When I go to someone’s site and see something I love, instead of getting down on myself, I put it on my wish list. Then I move on. Leave their website or Instagram and refocus myself to my OWN work. Later, whenever I get an hour or so I take a look at the wish list and see if there is something on there that makes sense for my business to start implementing. If so, I start making moves. This helps with making irrational decisions based on someone else’s success and allows me to really focus on my own business.  


Tip Two:

Let Mistakes Be A Learning Experience

Do you ever find that one mistake can ruin your whole day, or maybe even your entire week?

When I notice I made a mistake, such as a spelling error or email I forgot to send, I can sometimes let it get the best of me. It starts a negative thinking pattern of “how dumb can you be?” “How do you mess up a simple task?” It’s so easy to let our minds take us down that path, but we need to start making an effort to not let it happen. 

We need to start looking at mistakes like this:

Oh you noticed you made a mistake?

  1. What do you need to do to fix it?
  2.  How can you accomplish that in a timely manner?
  3.  Did it affect someone else that you need to reach out to? If so, how can you reach out to them?
  4. After the mistake is fixed, then think about a way to prevent it from happening again.

By nipping the negative thoughts in the butt before they happen, we can save time and actually fix the mistake faster and then get back on task. Mistakes are bound to happen, don’t let it ruin your day… learn from it!


Tip Three:

Get Up, Get Ready and Get Out

Sometimes I can be super productive at home, in my pajamas looking like a hot mess, but other times I notice myself slipping into a slump when I stay inside all day long working away on the computer. Do you have this same issue?

So get up out of bed, throw on a cute outfit or whatever makes you feel like a boss babe and head to a local coffee shop. Just the walk alone usually puts me in a better mood, but once I step into one of my favorite locals shops the creativity starts flowing again and I actually accomplish a TON more.

Look good. Feel good. Right?


Tip Four:

Be Grateful and Show Appreciation

It is so easy to only focus on the negatives in life, especially when you are already in a bad mood. But by focusing on the negatives it is pretty much a guarantee that you will attract more negative energy and continue this pattern of blah days.

Lets try to take a moment every day and think about what you are grateful for? What have you been taking advantage of lately? If you spend 5 minutes everyday writing down what you are grateful for, I promise your outlook will change for the better!

Personally, with my experiences lately I find myself getting frustrated in China by not have a great at home work area. We are in a studio apartment with no room for me to really set up shop, so I am forced to go to a coffee shop almost every day, which adds up quickly for spending money. Instead of letting this get me down, I try to think of it as an opportunity to explore the city more and try out different coffee shops! I mean hey, I am only here for so long why not explore?!


Tip Five:

Be Mindful

As a solopreneur, it is easy to get caught up working at all hours of the day since there is always SOMETHING we could be doing. But trust me that is the number one way to lead right to burn out!

I honestly believe that time off is just as important as the time you spend working. Are you being mindful of the hours you are working?

Trust me, start tracking your hours and see what your balance looks like. Even little things will make a huge difference. So get out there and take a walk, get outside and work one day, read a book for fun and put your phone AWAY. This will only help you focus more when you are “on the clock”.


Give yourself a break. You deserve it.

What tips do you use to avoid “blah” days? I would love to hear in the comments below!





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