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Top 3 Things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Jun 5, 2016





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Oh Hoi An, you officially have my heart! As I reminisce about our trip to Hoi An, I find myself secretly wishing I was back in ancient town sitting on the patio overlooking the beautiful lanterns that line the streets. When Terrell and I were first looking at where we wanted to visit for this trip, we honestly thought that Hoi An, Vietnam would not have enough to do to fill our 9 day trip. I am happy to say that we were SO wrong.

This beautiful city has so much to offer! As much as I would love to cover everything we did during our 9 days, I know that would make this post would go on forever. So, here are our top 3 choices of things to do while in Hoi An. Enjoy!


Number One:

Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is known as one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam. It is a 21 km long costal road that is filled with beautiful costal views, countryside experiences and history. We decided to rent motorbikes through our hotel, costing us $7/bike for 24 hours of use. We each got our own bikes so we could really experience the full effect of the ride.

Our trip started in Hoi An and hit the following landmarks: Marble Mountains, China Beach, Lady Buddha/Monkey Mountains, Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach and Elephant Springs. Most people will continue on from Elephant Springs to Hue, but since we wanted to complete the whole trip in one day, we turned around at Elephant Springs and headed back to Hoi An.

We can definitely say that this ride was the highlight of our trip. It was so worth it! Since I know I cannot do the beauty of this road justice with words, here are a few pictures from the drive.


Number Two:

Cooking Class

We knew before coming to Vietnam that we definitely wanted to experience a cooking class and learn the tricks of the trade. We booked a trip through Eco Cooking Class and loved every minute of it.

Our class started in the morning by experiencing the market where all of the locals and restaurants purchase their food for the day early in the morning. Our guide led us around the market and explained all of the different types of fruits and produce that were available, while giving us background of the Vietnamese culture.

From the market we headed to the river and boarded onto round fishing boats where we were able to catch crabs with only a stick, a string and a little bit of bait. With a little bit of luck and a really experienced fisherman, our boat was able to catch a few crabs before heading in!

Once we arrived at the classroom, we were greeted with ice-cold tea and cold cloths to cool down and then we got started with the menu for the day. Our class was able to learn how to cook fresh spring rolls, aubergine with soya sauce, Pho Bo, banana flower salad, banh xeo, fresh rice paper, and various sauces to go along with the meals! All of the students were able to cook our own meals and then we feasted on the delicious food for lunch. Such a fun day, we even were given the recipes to take home with us!


Number Three:

Explore Ancient Town

Hoi An is such a popular destination for tourist because of the ancient town being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. This ancient city is filled with bright colored buildings, wonderful food, and an exceptional night market. We loved simply walking around the market outside of the ancient town during the day, exploring what normal life would be like and then returning at night to see the street come alive. The streets would fill with people of all backgrounds, cultures, and ages. It was a great place to explore and take in all of the culture. Even though it did get pretty crowded during the night, we still enjoyed grabbing some food on the patios of restaurants and people watching.

If you are looking for some good food, definitely try out Nu Eatery. It was one of our favorite place to eat while in Hoi An!

I hope one day to return to Hoi An, but until then our pictures will serve as memories to one of the most amazing trips ever!

Cheers from China!




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